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We are excited to announce that XSwap is now launched. This is fair version farms, 100% distribute to the community, with No team shares, No Pre-mine. Governed by the XFI community.

XSwap will be the most important product in the Xfinance ecosystem, that is, the decentralized automated market-making derivatives leveraged exchange. XSwap Staker will get 0.05% transaction fees, liquidity providers get 0.20% transaction fees, 0.05% transaction fee will be used to buyback and burn XSP.

XFI will become the governance token in the Xfinance ecosystem, and it also has deflationary properties. The better the Xfinance ecosystem develops, the greater the value of XFI.

XSwap Dapp links:


How will the XSwap farms work?

  • Choose your favorite pair add liquidity on Uniswap, and then approve and deposit UNI-LP tokens.
  • In the first 100,000 blocks, each block will provide 10,000 XSP rewards, after 100,000 blocks, each block will be reduced to 1,000 XSP rewards.
  • The maximum supply is 3,000,000,000 XSP.
  • Reward ratio of each pool:

XSP-ETH:60x; XSP-USDT:50x;

XFI-XSP:12x; XFI-USDT:12x;

XFI-ETH:12x; XFI-LID: 7x;



What are the official XSwap contract addresses?



Buy XFI:


Buy XSP:


XFI Community



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