Xfinance(XFI) ILO presale scheduled for Sept 10th 9PM(UTC-7) on LID Protocol Dapp

  • XFI Presale — September 10th 9pm(UTC-7)
  • XFI Tokenomics and Token Distribution
  • New Partnership: Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID)
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We are happy to announce that Xfinance will cooperate with LID Protocol and launch XFI ILO presale on the LID pre-sale Dapp, launch date scheduled for September 10th 9PM(UTC-7).

Why we launch presale on the LID Protocol dapp?

LID Protocol solves the issue of Uniswap exit scamming by using standardized non-custodial presale smart contracts that lock liquidity.

After the presale is completed, 60% of ETH will be permanently locked in Uniswap liquidity, and 15% of ETH will buyback and burn of XFI tokens within 72hrs after the presale to prevent any form of dump thereby reducing supply and increasing demand.

Presale links:https://xfi.lid.sh

Go to the XFI presale page https://xfi.lid.sh, then connect the Metamask or other wallet, get your ETH ready, and then click “deposit” button after the presale start.
If you use mobile, you can search xfi.lid.sh in mobile wallet app (such as Trustwallet, imtoken) DAPP browsers , and go to the page to connect your wallet
*Please do not send ETH directly to the Presale Contract, otherwise it will be returned.

XFI presale details

Total supply: 50,000 XFI

Presale: 15,000 XFI (30%)

Presale Base price: 1 ETH = 4.8387 XFI

Hard cap/Soft cap: 3000ETH/1000ETH

Bonus: According to the presale progress

0–500 ETH 10% bonus;

500–1000 ETH 5% bonus;

1000–2000 ETH 2.5% bonus;

2000–3000 ETH 0% bonus

ETH 1800

XFI 7000

Uniswap Initial Price: 1ETH =3.889 XFI

  • If soft cap is reached but hard cap is not reached, unsold XFI tokens will be distribute to presale investor.
  • Accordingly, the initial liquidity and initial price of Uniswap will change.

XFI Token Disribution

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The 29% team tokens is locked 10 month, will unlock 10% each month.

Ecosystem tokens(21%) will be locked in and used as a liquidity mining reward token when XFI staking functions is launched.

Thanks to Xfinance’s huge community and the support of NowEx.io exchange users, in any case, we want to be a community driven project, so 5% of the token will be used for Development Awards / community airdrop /Listing marketing.

Our technical team is mainly build by the NowEx team, and some new developers about Ethereum smart contract solidity have been joined. We are excited to enter the new field of DeFi and hope to make XFI better than same DeFi tokens by optimizing its token functionality.

Xfinance’s future plan

  1. Launch staking dapp; Yeild aggregator
  2. Launch uniswap LP token staking rewards




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