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The crypto derivatives market underwent massive growth in 2019, with a full-year derivatives trading volume of 3 trillion USD. The industry now has all sorts of contract trading service providers offering similar services.

The number of incidents of fraud and manipulation in crypto trading services has also risen. In March 2019, Bitwise Asset Management published a report showing that 95% of Bitcoin’s trading volume on various digital asset exchanges was the result of “forgery” or fraudulent trading.

This is where the unique advantages of the NowEx exchange come in. Not only that, NowEx adopts a perpetual swap trading model, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of fake manipulation of the market.

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Unique Advantages of NowEx

Many trading varieties

Many crypto derivatives exchange have only some main coins available for futures trading. On NowEx, not only can you trade some main coins like BTC, ETH, EOS, but also some altcoins, such as LINK, ADA, NEO, etc.

Simple interface and complete trading tools

Contracts trading is hugely popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts but can be a very confusing task for newcomers and experts a like. Experienced traders will tell you that the high leverage enabled by contracts trading offers incredible opportunities to make a profit, even when the cryptocurrency market is going down, but this power also requires you won’t make any unnecessary mistakes due to messy interfaces.

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User Interface of NowEx trade page

NowEx based on long-term research and user feedback, some useless functions have been deleted and some convenience functions have been added. The exchange is not modular and has a fixed design with the possibility of switching from light to dark mode

Onekey reverse” is NowEx unique one of the functions, when the market changes drastically, you can use it to quickly close the position and market order the same amount in the reverse direction of the position.

Close All” is closing all position function, in which three methods can be selected: Closing all, Only closing long orders and only closing short orders, so that users with more positions can quickly close positions at the same time.

All in all, NowEx provides a simple interface and complete trading tools. Whether you are a beginner or professional trader, you can easily trade and earn profits on NowEx.

No funding fee and low transcation fee

At NowEx, surprisingly, there are no any fees for holding positions. On other derivatives exchange, they have a funding fee that needs to be paid every 8 hours, or overnight fees payable daily.This will reduce a lot of fees, especially for long-term holders.

Transcation fee is 0.08%, it's actually 0.04%.Because NowEx only charges once transaction fee, charges when you open position, closing position does not charges.This is a very simple and intuitive way.


At NowEx, you can deposit, withdraw, and trade without KYC. This greatly facilitates some customers with potential privacy needs.

Up to 200x leverage

NowEx’s advantage is also to provide users with a higher and more flexible leverage selection range, which supports 20x-200x, self-selected. In the field of crypto contracts, providing users with high leverage is actually a mainstream practice. For Bitcoin contract trading, BitMex and OKEx provide users with up to 100x leverage trading.

USDT settlement

NowEx does not support fiat currency deposits, only support deposit USDT, not other coins.

When it comes to the margin on the positions, this is all calculated in Tether USDT. The benefit of this is that your margin will not fluctuate with the movement of the underlying asset. So, for example, if you were margined in Bitcoin the margin requirements may change.

All of the user’s margin will be used for a stop loss margin for position. So, if you have a certain amount of margin in your account and a trade goes against you then that margin can be used.

However, NowEx uses risk rate to control transaction risk. When your risk rate is lower than 50%, your position will be liquidated instead of 0%. This means that only a certain portion of the trade will be up for liquidation if the markets were to move against you. You will have some remaining funds, not all losses.


When compared with other mainstream crypto derivatives trading platforms on the market, NowEx has many unique advantages. It has a number of great features such as the prevention of fraud manipulation, prevention of slippage, unique trading tools, and the lack of additional hidden fees that increase transaction costs.

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Claim up to $325 in Bonus.

Sign up now to claim up to $325 in Bonus.

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