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Dear NowEx users:

We will hold NowEx YouTube recruitment competition

Event time: July 15 -August 15

NowEx will be holding the first YouTube video recruitment contest on July 15th 00:00 all the way until August 15 00:00, Singapore time. The video will be produced and uploaded to the YouTube platform as required, and you will have the opportunity to receive up to 1000 USDT in rewards! Show us your pull and win huge prizes!

After the event, NowEx will announce the list of winning videos on NowEx’s official twitter and telegram group, and will issue the rewards to NowEx account of the winners within 3 working days!

Terms and Rules of Competition:

I. Video submission requirements:

1. The theme of the first issue is “NowEx Trading Beginner’s Guide”, which includes but not limited to:

Introducing NowEx

How to open an account

How to start a trade

Order profit and loss

2. The video duration for this competition may not be shorter than 5 minutes.

II. Submission Method:

1. Upload the video to your YouTube channel. The title should be uniformly named “#NowEx# + your video title”. Please indicate your NowEx ID in the video description below your video.

2. Please send an email to with the email address that was used to register the YouTube account. The title should be uniformly named: Video Theme. The body of the email must include the video link and your NowEx account.

3. If you need a test account, you can send an email to to apply.

Prize Detail:

The frist prize: 1000USDT (№1)

The second prize: 300USDT (№2–9)

The third prize: 100USDT (№10–20)

Participation prize: 50USDT

The video quality is high and the number of playbacks reaches 500.


1. If no outstanding video works are found during this competition, NowEx reserves the right to extend some awards to the next video contest.

2. After the user participates in the submission, the video copyrights will be shared by both parties (NowEx and the uploader). NowEx has the right to global delegation, reproduction and other related uses for the purposes of promotion, and the right to use these works on the official NowEx channel.

The final interpretation of this event belongs to NowEx.

July 13, 2020

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