Major update of Xfinance(XFI) project

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For the future of Xfinance project, we decided to change the total supply to 50000 XFI, so we will change the contract address.

New contract address:0x5befbb272290dd5b8521d4a938f6c4757742c430

Before that, we had stopped XFI uniswap trading.

Team consider XFI should have a similar total supply of same type projects, such as yfi and yfii projects. . This obviously helps increase the value of the XFI token.

Old XFI will be refunded ETH.

If your XFI tokens are on the exchange, you don’t need to do anything, just wait for the ETH refunded completed. For other XFI tokens that are not on the nowex exchange, you need to deposit XFI to to complete refunded. Refunded radio : 1 ETH = 1500 old XFI.

Xfinance’s future plan

  1. Launch staking dapp
  2. Launch uniswap LP token staking rewards

About XFI airdrops

XFI community airdrop already end, distribution will be on September 15.

The distribution will be divided by 1000, due to changes in total supply.




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