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We are excited to announce that XSwap is now launched. This is fair version farms, 100% distribute to the community, with No team shares, No Pre-mine. Governed by the XFI community.

XSwap will be the most important product in the Xfinance ecosystem, that is, the decentralized automated market-making derivatives leveraged exchange. XSwap Staker will get 0.05% transaction fees, liquidity providers get 0.20% transaction fees, 0.05% transaction fee will be used to buyback and burn XSP.

XFI will become the governance token in the Xfinance ecosystem, and it also has deflationary properties.

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Yesterday, after our LID’s certified presale was sold out within a few hours, we added 1800 ETH of liquidity to Uniswap and burned LP tokens.

Today we are very excited to release our first staking dapp, which is a simple staking based on the XFI native token. In the first month, we will use 1050 XFI from ecosystem tokens for rewards. The rewards will be distributed to XFI stakers at random time/random amounts everyday in first month.

In addition, every Stake/Unstake will charge 2.5% fees, this fees will all be distributed to the XFI staker.

Currently we only support Metamask wallet, more wallets will be supported in the future.

Staking dapp links:

We also have another good news, XFI-ETH UNI-V2 Staking will be launched soon, stay turned!

XFI Community



  • XFI Presale — September 10th 9pm(UTC-7)
  • XFI Tokenomics and Token Distribution
  • New Partnership: Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID)
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We are happy to announce that Xfinance will cooperate with LID Protocol and launch XFI ILO presale on the LID pre-sale Dapp, launch date scheduled for September 10th 9PM(UTC-7).

Why we launch presale on the LID Protocol dapp?

LID Protocol solves the issue of Uniswap exit scamming by using standardized non-custodial presale smart contracts that lock liquidity.

After the presale is completed, 60% of ETH will be permanently locked in Uniswap liquidity, and 15% of ETH will buyback and burn of XFI tokens within 72hrs after the presale to prevent any form of dump thereby reducing supply and increasing demand. …

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For the future of Xfinance project, we decided to change the total supply to 50000 XFI, so we will change the contract address.

New contract address:0x5befbb272290dd5b8521d4a938f6c4757742c430

Before that, we had stopped XFI uniswap trading.

Team consider XFI should have a similar total supply of same type projects, such as yfi and yfii projects. . This obviously helps increase the value of the XFI token.

Old XFI will be refunded ETH.

If your XFI tokens are on the exchange, you don’t need to do anything, just wait for the ETH refunded completed. For other XFI tokens that are not on the nowex exchange, you need to deposit XFI to to complete refunded. …

Dear NowEx users

Nowex has listed ATOM(Cosmos), and added ATOM/USDT Perpetual contract with maximum 100x leverage. Welcome to the trading.

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Nowex official channel:

Official website:

Twitter :



Official email:

Thank you for your support, Nowex will continue to provide you with a quality trading experience!

NowEx — From now,Exchange the world by Long or Short.

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Dear NowEx users:

We will hold NowEx YouTube recruitment competition

Event time: July 15 -August 15

NowEx will be holding the first YouTube video recruitment contest on July 15th 00:00 all the way until August 15 00:00, Singapore time. The video will be produced and uploaded to the YouTube platform as required, and you will have the opportunity to receive up to 1000 USDT in rewards! Show us your pull and win huge prizes!

After the event, NowEx will announce the list of winning videos on NowEx’s official twitter and telegram group, and will issue the rewards to NowEx account of the winners within 3 working days! …

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The crypto derivatives market underwent massive growth in 2019, with a full-year derivatives trading volume of 3 trillion USD. The industry now has all sorts of contract trading service providers offering similar services.

The number of incidents of fraud and manipulation in crypto trading services has also risen. In March 2019, Bitwise Asset Management published a report showing that 95% of Bitcoin’s trading volume on various digital asset exchanges was the result of “forgery” or fraudulent trading.

This is where the unique advantages of the NowEx exchange come in. Not only that, NowEx adopts a perpetual swap trading model, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of fake manipulation of the market. …



#DeFi Built by @nowex_io telegram:

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